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  1. My husband and I absolutely loved this experience. It was def a vibe. Music, clean and pretty environment, drinks, decorating. It was soo relaxing and thanks to the Chef my cake came out amazing! I used that cake for my 30th birthday party and everyone loved it! We even got suggested for some of the hottest places to go after the class. Chef was so down to earth, friendly and beautiful! I highly recommend you experience this class!

  2. Tiffany was awesome! We ended up getting lucky with a private class and got the chance to learn a bit about her backstory and passions. We had a fantastic time and she was extremely accommodating. Me and my girlfriend are not the creative artsy type but we still had so much fun and created some pretty cute cakes! Would definitely recommend 🙂

  3. So much fun!! My girlfriends and I went for a 30th birthday trip, and Tiffany was amazing! We all learned cool tip and tricks for decorating and got to leave with professional looking cakes! Tiffany is so friendly, knowledgeable, and helpful – we will definitely be going back when we are in town again!

  4. My friends and I had such an amazing time during our Cake & Sip! Tiffany gave Us just enough assistance to make beautiful cakes with our own special touches. I would definitely do this again and recommend it to other friends looking for something fun, unique and creative to do.

  5. Experience far exceeded our expectations. I surprised my sisters who were visiting from out of town w/this experience and it was a highlight of their trip. Tiffany was professional, also fun and thoughtful, and I’d highly recommend anyone to attend this.

  6. We loved our time with Cheffany! She was extremely attentive and encouraging. The cake was delicious, too. A perfect activity for anybody.

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